Monday, March 10, 2014

Escape to The Elms....

The Elms is a mere five minutes from Naas yet it's nestled in the tranquil country side and once i saunter up their drive a feeling of calm comes over me. 

It's no secret Iv always had a love affair for all things gorgeous when it comes to interior deign and as time goes by my style has definitely matured along with me. My colour pallet for one has mellowed dramatically and that is where my {low key} obsession with The Elms comes into the picture.

Their retail space is amazing it has an easy natural flow to it so your not second guessing where to walk first. They display their products nonchalantly, but effortless chic is the way to go in my books.

The Elms stock a wide range of lifestyle and furnishing brands to suit everyones style. if I had to pick two of their labels they would be Riverdale and Mathilde M. They compliment each other in style so well but are quite distinctive in their own right. 

As a baker and a food blogger Riverdale's kitchen range definitely floats my boat I just love all types of trinkets for the kitchen. This brand is not afraid to mix mediums such as glass and enamel and even wood all done in beautiful subtle tones.

Mathilde M is quintessentially French it is romanticism at its best. For me it's all about the ambience perfumes they have a fragrance like no other. I would actually drive to the Elms solely to stock up on their scented hanging decorations I could eat them {not really but you get my point}.

But it's not all about retail therapy at the Elms thankfully VDC cafe is on the first floor, extremely open and airy with a killer view but let's get down to the important stuff the coffee and scones are divine and if you know me at all that's heaven on earth.

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