Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tried + tested Glenisk's pop up shop

Back in the day I was in Dublin city 5-6 days a week doing my Leaving Cert and then on to a few years of college. But these days it's with a lump in my throat that i say that it's once in a blue moon that I get to saunter through St Strephens Green or ogle after the macarons in Brown Thomas.

So when I was up in town a few weeks ago for a foodie day out I knew there was a few foodie spots I had to check out while I had the opportunity. One place that has been buzzing on twitter in recent weeks is Glenisks pop up shop on Dawson street.

When I first walked into the pop up shop I was so impressed with the whole look it was so airy with big windows kitted out with fabulous old milk jugs that I would love for my own collection. Their organic products were displayed all on one wall it reminded me of Willy Wonka but for yogurt lovers HA.

Hats off to the girls working there they were incredibly inviting they couldn't have been more helpful, they went through every dish on their menu board I really couldn't decide.

One of the dishes that did excite me on the menu was their Irish smoked salmon for me that was a no brainer. 

This pot is so ridiculously More'ish il be ordering seconds next time. Firstly you have these chunky pieces of Irish smoked salmon along with  a small handful of capers, a sprinkling of freshly chopped dill, freshly crack black pepper and a drizzle of lemon infused olive oil YUM.

Now that combo alone is a match made in heaven but Glenisk go one further and rest this winning combo on top of a generous dollop of their organic Greek style yogurt. It's super light and velvety and doesn't have that overwhelmingly tangy aftertaste some Greek style yogurts can have ...

So put this altogether and you end up with a rocking little pot perfect for that impromptu picnic in St Stephens green or even better yet leg it in there for a lunch pot and don't forget they do dessert pots too..

Glenisks organic yogurts for Children are a winner with my wee girlies too and now that Lottie-daisy will be starting pre school next week the portion in the pots are perfect for her morning snack along with her fruit...

Well worth a walk up Dawson's street 

Rebecca xx

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