Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Instant Salty chocolate prezels

Sometimes there's nothing nicer than a "ready in moments" treat with all the flavour + none of the effort. Well the other night was one of those moments that I needed a quick fix of indulgence but couldn't think of anything I had in the press that would do the trick.

When we lived in Canada for the summer the shop shelves were jammed with every sugary sweet going but one thing that always caught my eye was chocolate dipped prezels but me being me never bought them as you could only buy jumbo bags of them + You know yourself once you open the ptack sure it would be rude not to finish it HA...

So back to my munchie dilemma I had a craving but didn't think I had anything to hit the spot until I copped I had a "normal" size bag of little prezels + a big bar of dark chocolate stashed up in my baking press, you gotta love the 74% coco solids for baking....

So for this uber quick quick + rewarding snack you will need

175g bag of prezels
100g 74% dark chocolate
1 teaspoon of butter
Baking parchment

Firstly in a double boiler melt your chocolate. Once melted add the butter making sure it's fully combined.

Take the chocolate off the heat + one by one dip half the prezel into the choclate, then shake the prezel gently to remove any excess chocolate. Place it onto the baking parchment. 

 Once all the prezels have had a dip and are chilling out on the paper leave them for a while to set, don't be tempted to pop them in the fridge this will coz the chocolate to lose its shine.

I stored these bad boys in a large jar so there was no chance of them going stale , that would just be cruel now wouldn't it.

The combination of the salty prezel with the bite of the dark chocolate is a match made in heaven, I will be tucking in these with a vino tonight to watch the Great British bake off...it's the sime things people....

Rebecca xx

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