Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Irish blog awards 2013

So I'm sitting on the couch around this time last night with the hubby watching obviously something boring on the Telly box as there I am scrolling down through twitter.

I notice a tweet saying the long list nominations for best food/drink awards are out, so I immediately open it to have a good nosey at the lucky ones.

I am scrolling down through all the familiar names that I'd see on a daily basis all thanks to the world of twitter and the community that has evolved from the Irish food bloggers page, god bless it that's all I have to say I'd be lost without it. 

Anyways I'm getting side tracked there I am scrolling down looking at all these names thinking you lucky bunch of "duckers"....then all of sudden I'm disgusted there's a blog on the list that is the exact same blog name as mine. 
The cheek of it I'm gobsmacked so I click into it to see what it's like + surprise surprise it's MINE I can't believe it,  not for a second did it dawn on me that it was my blog I remember looking at them all last year and been in awe of the whole idea of been picked...

I'm so thrilled my blogs been acknowledged talk about motivation lets get bigger + better

Thanks for everything
Rebecca xx

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