Sunday, October 21, 2012

My super decadent brownies

What is it about brownies, it's like they have some super magnetic force that draws you to them. And when there baked well by god do they hit the spot...

Now iv had my fair share of brownie disasters iv curdled the mixture and even over baked them so when I finally perfected my brownie recipe I had to share it with you guys...for this recipe you will need:

100g butter
100g plain chocolate
100g milk chocolate
250g of caster sugar
4 large free range eggs
70g plain flour
50g cocoa powder

First of all fill a pot 1/4 the way full with boiling water and sit a heat proof bowl over it making sure it is not actually touching the water.

Dice your butter and break up all your chocolate and pop them in the bowl stirring occasionally, while your chocolate and butter is melting away, crack your four eggs in another bowl and whisk until pale and frothy. Next add your caster sugar to your frothy eggs and whisk like mad until well combined.

Once your chocolate mixture has melted take it off the heat and allow it to stand. Sift your flour and cocoa into your egg mixture and gently fold it in, you put the effort in to making your eggs and sugar all fab and frothy don't ruin it by lashing it together.

Once you have mixed that its time to pour your melted chocolate into your batter and once again fold it in.

Now for this recipe iv used an 8" round silicone cake mould, iv greased the base and sides before pouring in the mixture. Pop it in your over @ 180' forgot 30mins the time will vary if you are using a different tin and if the mixture is more shallow.

After 25mins check your brownie we want to centre to be gooey but not raw. Once baked leave to cool before removing and cutting

I like to dust mine with cocoa and icing sugar before dividing it up into bite size squares...YUM


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