Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lillie-B's first fruit purée

I can't believe it's this time already, Lillie-B is becoming accustomed to the world of FOOD. So far it's going without a hitch last week we tried sweet carrot purée, this week we moved on to a scrummy sweet potato & parsnip purée and you'd swear she'd been gobbling food forever...

Sometimes still feels like Lottie-Daisy should be still gobbling down all this. So today iv decided to go wild and make her my yummy apple purée.
For this you will need:

5 small children's apples
3 table spoons of water

Firstly I peeled the 5 small apples and chopped them up, the reason I used these cute teeny apples is the flavour, they have such a soft sweet flavour. Which is spot on for babies and children of all ages.

Next pop your chopped apples in a pot and add your 3 tablespoons of water. Cook this on a low heat for 8 minutes exactly .

The tip of your knife will pierce through your apple chunks with ease at this stage. I used a hand held blender to purée the apples and I blended them in the pot(saves on the washing up)...

I divided the purée up into little pots and froze them they will keep perfectly for a few weeks..

For Lillie-B I added a few baby spoons of the purée to her baby rice and it was a hit, a great way to introduce the flavour to a baby...

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