Friday, October 7, 2011

When the mixer decides to quit

Well what's worse in the world of baking than running out of ingredients....your mixer deciding to go on strike, it must have joined a union while I wasn't looking!!!
I had the stork and caster sugar measured out and plonked in the mixing bowl the oven was pre heating, I turn on the machine the bowl does a twirl but alas the whisks stand still. I turn it on, turn it off take the whisks out pop them back in and nada not a kick out of it they just hang there all smug....
The hubby had popped out so there was only one option, it's time to make my cupcakes old skool stylee. I took my wooden spoon and gave it welly and you know what a rush of nostalgia hit me and all of sudden all was well in the world again(",)
The cupcakes were in the oven 5 mins and there I was having a showdown with the diced real butter the thoughts of turning it into smooth silky butter cream by hand was making me weak, in walks himself twiddles(technical word)with the machine and shazam everything starts working like a dream.....AWESOME now back to work

Rebecca, Num Num cupcakes

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