Thursday, January 26, 2012

The tough part of food blogging "research"!!!

So I'm sitting here waiting for a batch of cupcakes to bake and I'm gazing across at all the ingredients that are involved in making the perfect cupcake, or any baked treat when it comes to it. And apart from a cracking recipe it's all about quality at the end of the day.
I remember when I was tinkering with the idea of becoming a devotee to the baking world I would experiment with less than pricey ingredients, all the while thinking I was getting a deadly bargain but soon realizing that wasn't the case. It was like was like playing roulette with disaster sometimes you'd get a sweet batch of goodies other times you'd just get muck, rubber muck at that...
So here are two of my cupboard must haves that will stand you the test of time.
Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, this little bottle will never let you down, you will not find a higher quality vanilla. You can find it in superquinn or tesco. I like to add it with my wet ingredients so it's easily dispersed.
Another super and reliable must have is Hearts Delight wheatmeal flour I use this with equal quantities of plain flour to make the yummiest brown soda bread ever(recipe to follow) the quality makes it

fool proof for all that healthy baking you get up to.

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