Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On a mission state side

So I packed my bag bundled my husband and 8 month old baby girl up and headed to the airport. We said see ya later to my dad and boarded our mid day flight direct to Florida, little Lottie was asleep before we took off and we indulged in a glass of bubbly and pretzels ,HEAVEN....we would be staying with my long standing BFF and no.1 scouter and shipper of all things was late when we landed but it didn't stop the giddy feeling from taking over or the slow motion run and hug between us all haha...
For the next two weeks we would be driven around in a big style American jeep tracking down the perfect cupcakes to sample and inspire my taste buds, we even got stuck in to making our own cupcakes american stylee but by god there is some difference in our ingredients and theirs...
As a lady I don't name names but we came across some shocking sugar fueled cupcakes and their sugar fueled bakers. but we did find this little treasure chest called classy cupcakes by Debbie it was small and simple looking from the outside and there was this old dude sitting right in the door hoovering down four cupcakes in a single breath(always a good sign)Debbie the owner told us he sits there every week...we picked up a lemon cupcake and two red velvets one with a gram cacker crust. We waited until we Got back to Lauras place to divulge these mini master pieces with non other than a cup of Lyons tea(which I lovingly brought with me for the paddy living in the states)and by god it was worth the wait they were Devine....
So when we were packing up getting ready to head on home it dawned on us that we'd need an extra suit case for all the extra cupcake paraphernalia that we had picked up in the giant baking wholesalers aka heaven we needed a trolley to cart the stuff around...legendary(",)

Rebecca, Num Num cupcakes

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