Thursday, August 11, 2011


I think my love of baking like so many others stemmed from watching my granny and mam bake when i was very young. whenever we went to stay with my "Nanos" without fail id have convinced her to let me help her make her famous apple tart. My grandad "Jackie" had the softess spot for anything sweet and homemade, when ever they came to stay with us down the country for weeks on end, my mam would have baked enough to feed a small army. she'd have made apple tarts with freshly picked apples and blackcurrants from our own gardens and the niceset orange and fruit cake ive ever come across. its funny how food can transport you back to a certain time and place in your life, and thats why i love to bake because of that very sentiment it makes people nostalgic and lets them step back from their hectic lives.....
Thats where cupcakes come in to my life, i think they bring out the inner tea party in every one just like rice crispy buns brings out the "kid" in us alL. they are a little piece of heaven without breaking the bank or better yet without making you feel like youve jumped off the diet band wagon.

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