Thursday, October 6, 2011

The adventures of a delivery driver!!!

There's nothing like that moment when your finished the last swirl on your cupcakes or even better yet all the little models are made and are been as good as gold and staying where they should stay on the cake. you've managed the mission impossible of getting said cake in said box, our cool business cards are strategically placed on the box. Then it dawns on you I now have to get the yummy cake to the customers house in one piece aaaaaagggghhhh!!! When your making your master piece your thinking this looks awesome your not thinking hmmmmm I wonder how it will handle irelands glorious roads.... This one time we were delivering a princess cake to the far side of Dunlavin and by god I thought I was going to have a nervous break down every bump we went over it was like the cake was taunting us.we had Surrounded the perimeter of the castle with pink wafers and one by one they came down luckily for my nerves we had packed our "emergency kit" which includes buttercream a spatula and extra sprinkles so all was well in the worl of princess castles.
Other tricky deliveries included a giant cupcake with a fondant model of jessy from toy story sitting on top to Dublin, grand roads but killer round-a-bouts out emergency kit included tooth picks that day lol

Rebecca, Num Num cupcakes

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