Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morish chocolate biscuit cake

I think it was written in the stars that my sweet little Lottie-daisy was going to have a love affair for two things, 1 chocolate and 2 biscuits.

Now anyone that knows myself and the hubby know that I dream and fantasies over all things chocolate except for galaxy don't get me started on galaxy GROSS!!! And Cathal could survive on one food type for the rest of his life and that's all things biscuits lol.

The first time I had the pleasure of having this cake was not so long ago. we had the pleasure ofe been invited to a friends wedding, it was a two day affair and on the second day for dessert was this amazing biscuit cake.

I couldn't get over how moreish it was, the biscuit pieces were so crunchy and the chocolate super melty pure pleasure.

This recipe is so easy to remember and takes no time at all to make and takes even less time to set in the fridge so you can indulge with a nice cuppa and in my case treat little Lottie-daisy in her perfect dessert

For this recipe you will need:

300g 70% plain chocolate
300g good quality milk chocolate
250g real Irish butter
100g mini marshmallows
250g marietta biscuits

Firstly in a double boiler melt both types of chocolate and your butter, gently stirring to make sure there wasn't any lumps or bumps left in it. While this is all melting beautifully together roughly break up your Marietta biscuits, you don't want to crumble them up to much as its the crunch of the biscuit that is key in this cake. I was also told by a wise woman to use Marietta biscuits rather than digestives as they won't soak up the chocolate and go all soggy.

So once you have broken up your biscuits add them into the chocolate and gently fold in, at this point you need to muster up all your courage and strength not to just spoon the mixture into your mouth. It'll be tough but I believe in you :)

Once the biscuits are in add in the marshmallows and again fold in not allowing any near your lips!!!!

Pour your mixture it on a shallow baking tray which you have lined with cling film and pop it in the fridge until it has set completely. Lift out using the cling film and place on your chopping block. This recipe makes 24 generous size chocolate biscuit bars, keep out 12 for instant indulgence and sharing of course and pop the other 12 in a freezer bag and keep for effortless surprises for anyone lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time aka my kitchen hahaha

Rebecca x

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