Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chocolate biscuit cake 2.0

I find when I'm writing recipes for cakes I seem to turn into a mad scientist and I completely lose the run of myself. For example my last blog was the morish chocolate biscuit cake it is simple and straight forward but always leaves a lasting impression, so then I got to thinking what would step this bad boy up a notch in flavour town.....

So there I am in my kitchen Scanning the room for inspiration, and my eye leads to the "biscuit box" where the hubby keeps his Munchy stash. This is the box that I have a mental electric fence around as nothing good ever comes from there, well when i say nothing i mean everything good comes from there or more like everything bold comes from this box....

It's jammed with bars and cookies and the odd packet of peanuts. So for research purposes I go over and open it and BAM inspiration whacks me across the head. The three ingredients I've been searching for having been living it up in here all along.
. Chocolate chip cookies
. Digestive biscuit bars
. Peanuts

So for this beautiful creation you will need
300g dark chocolate
300g milk chocolate
250g real butter
200g of choc chip cookies
3 chocolate digestive bars
150g mini marshmallows
1 cup of peanuts

So like the previous biscuit cake in a double boiler melt your chocolate and butter together stirring occasionally, coz its fun!!! In the meantime break up choc chip cookies roughly(not to small though as they are prone to crumbling). Do the same to the bars.

Once your chocolate and butter has completely melted tumble in your biscuits and bars and fold in to the luscious lava. Next sprinkle in your peanuts, there's no need to chop them as they are small enough. And lastly add your marshmallows. Combine everything really well making sure absolutely everything is coated to perfection.

Have your baking tray lined with cling film before pouring your messy mixture in, spread it all out carefully. Then pop it in the fridge until completely set.

This version of the chocolate biscuit cake is ridiculously good, and don't let the thoughts of the peanuts make you run a mile the undertones of their salty flavour complements every other flavour to a Tee.

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