Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A cheat treat

Sometimes there is nothing that can satisfy that need to be perked up than a big tub of ice cream .

Now I know the obvious contenders in this category Is Haagen Dazs or good old Ben & Jerry's but I happened to stumble on this little delight after work on Saturday when I popped in to M&S for their meal deal.

I had promised My wee one all week I'd get her ice cream, So with that i sauntered to the freezer and BAM there they were a whole array of undiscovered creamy luscious treats...

At that moment in time there was only one flavour that could win me over and that was their "Molten Chocolate Brownie". Sweet god it was exactly what it said on the metaphorical tin.

It was more'ishly chocolate had whopper chunks of brownie laced the whole way through, and they didn't lie about the molten part either. It oozed with chocolate syrup but they didn't over do it so bravo to M&S ha...

Hope you enjoy my tried and tested
Rebecca x

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