Sunday, September 2, 2012

wedding cake no.2

The next wedding cake I'm going to dissect for you is one of my fave cakes. The concept for the cake was so far fetched I had to jump at the chance to do it as I knew an opportunity like that doesn't come along every day.
Visually we wanted this cake to look like a giant bouquet of roses all in gorgeous pastel colors. So first things first I had to work out how many hand made roses it would take to cover the three tier cakes, an eight, ten and twelve inch cake, long story short I decided it would take close to three hundred roses to cover this bad boy. To make the rose I used sugar paste and a lot of it, I think it would actually hurt my head to work out how many kilos i used in the end. The roses were quite time consuming as each petal was made from scratch and each rose needed at least seven petals. Like a real rose it should be assembled in layers, the bud in the middle three petals hugging the bud and finally three more petals hugging the first layer of petals. Each petal then has to be gently folded back to give the delicate look of the rose, now picture that times 300 lol.
Once the cakes and roses were complete it was the daunting task of assembling it all together. I found these cool cake wires especially for sugar paste flowers, once I had them all cut to size I then inserted them into the base of the roses using whisked egg whites as a natural adhesive.
Now you know that moment before you try something out for the first  time and god only knows if its even going to bloody work or not well picture me sitting at my kitchen table with a sea of roses sitting in front of me, talk about anxiety but BOOM it all came together without a hitch...and BREATH.
So the fun part was now upon us putting all the roses in their new homes , making sure the colors were even steven and all snuggly fit beside each other.

The best part of it all was hearing the screams of excitment from Emma the bride through her text after i sent her the final pic, and then even better was the moment I closed the door after the cakes were collected and were driven off ha ha....

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