Sunday, September 2, 2012

Its a dirty job but someones gotta do it

So part of my blogging adventures into the world of baked treats are busy not only am i sharing about my yummy creations but I'm also taking on the tedious task(ha ha) of trying out treats that are on the market ready prepared for us to combine and whack in the oven...
The first "almost ready" treat i delved into was the JUST' ROL(bake it fresh) the form of Pain au chocolat. Instantly when i clapped eyes on this wee red box i got giddy, to me pain au chocolat are yummy pillows of buttery goodness that you usually see in the baked section of M&S or in Starbucks but they are not something that i or many of us would just whip up on a whim.
The istructions read quite well. Firstly open the cardboard can fully and unroll the pastry, once you have that done you then have to divide up the flattened dough into six pieces which is super easy as the pieces are practically separated for you. Next you take two pieces of the dark chocolate sticks and pop them on either end of the dough and roll each end over the chocolate sticks, when you have all six pastries assembled you then place them on your baking tray upside down. Whack them in your pre heated oven set your timer for the required time, pop your coffee machine on and sit back and chill out.

I was so chuffed with the end result they were exactly like the real mc Coy and the taste well all i can say is ate two of them with the greatest of ease that i felt it only right to give the rest away because if i didn't i would have eaten them all in one breath (",)

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