Monday, August 1, 2016

Jar cake

I'm By some miracle I had a whole layer of vanilla bean cake left over from my cake orders at the weekend. 

I don't know who was more excited me or my little girls, you see they see these cakes been created and delivered every week but rarely get a bite..

With a whole layer of cake at our disposal the possibilities of endless (well kinda endless depends how enthusiastic the creature is ha)

So while making the girls their dinner and stirring in mad spices into my world famous chilli (fact) I decided that jar cake was to be the cakes destiny....

For this recipe you will need:

Sponge cake
Glenisk fromage frais
Raspberries {I used frozen for the chill factor}
A jar
Pastry cutters 

So begin by getting your jar of choice and measuring a pastry cutter against the rim. It should be slightly smaller than the jar so the cake can slide down to the bottom with ease.

I started layering with the sponge first then a big dollop of the fromage frais (I used the fromage frais for this recipe because of its light taste.)

 In a truly indulgent world id use cream cheese frosting but actually the fromage frais is a perfect combo with the fruit and sponge and a lot kinder on your waist line.

Then add a layer of raspberries and begin the process all over again until the last layer is a ruby red crown of raspberries sitting high out of the jar..

For fun we jazzed it up by alternating layers of iceburgers in the jar which was also a hit...

Rebecca x 

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