Sunday, June 12, 2016

When only ice cream will do

Well we are in full swing of birthday season in our house. Both are "Childers" are born on the 11th, Lottie in May and Lillie-B in june. 

Iv to bring my A game big style as these kids watch me make cakes for clients every week. So you know yourself I couldn't present them with a Vicky sponge and think I'd get away with it...

This year I made lottie a giant doughnut cake filled with jam as she just loves doughnuts 

Then this week was Lillie-Bs big day and I kept asking her what cake she desired and to my horror she kept requesting the most random cakes. So my creative license took over and I made what she loves more that's princess dresses ICECREAM!!!

Here is the recipe for this Willy Wonka style cake

For this recipe you will need:

1 litre of vanilla ICECREAM
1 litre of chocolate ICECREAM 
16 kitkat style bars
1 pack of double choc Oreos 
1 packs of smarties 

1 7" cake pan

Let's begin, before you start these steps take the lids off the icecreams and let them melt a tad

 line your cake pan with baking parchment at the bottom and on the sides

Then line the inside of the cake pan with the bars making sure they stack side by side

Next bash up 7 or 8 Oreos with a little sprinkle of water and press down on the base of the pan. It doesn't need to completely cover the base Iv added this layer as an added bonus to the bite

Scoop out the chocolate icecream with a spatula and spread it evenly in the cake pan then pop in the freezer for 10 minutes

Now scoop out the vanilla icecream and spread on top of the chocolate icecream. This amount of icecream should level off perfectly with the top of the kitkat bars

Lastly decorate with the remaining Oreos and smarties. Feel free to add any of your favourite sweeties..

Rebecca x


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