Monday, October 21, 2013

Scones glorious scones

 What is it about scones that gets people excited. Is it because they're bordering on a cake but its fully acceptable to have them for breakfast!!!!

Iv always had a soft spot for the little things and often tweet pics of gorgeous scones I come across, Kilashee Hotel been one scone Mecca that iv gushed about in the past. Their scones are so god dam good they are always so so fresh and have that lovely short crumbly taste to them. And just to tip you over the edge they arrive to your table with little pots of butter, jam and freshly whipped cream.

It's those little touches that make me come back time and time again. Unfortunately this is where some establishments fail to focus on, Fresh is always best!!!!

So last week as I made my recipe to do list scones were up there amongst other delectable ideas. Over the next few blogs there are some fantastic flavor combos

Firstly is my sultana + cranberry scone, for this recipe you will need:

230g of plain flour
45g of sugar
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 egg
3 tablespoons of milk
75g of real butter at room temp
40g of sultanas
40g of dried cranberries

Pre heat your oven @220'
In a bowl add all your dry ingredients and combine well with a whisk {this makes sure there are no lumps and everything is thoroughly mixed}. 

Next add in your butter and crumble together with your fingers and thumbs like you would if you were making short crust pastry. 

Once the butter has intermingled{HA} with the dry ingredients pour in your whisked egg + milk then with your hand fold it altogether then sprinkle in your dried fruit folding them in also.

Flour your surface a empty your scone mixture out sprinkle lightly with flour then gently and briefly roll out {the less you handle the mixture the nicer the outcome} try to keep the scone mixture quite thick. Cut out your scones and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper, lastly paint on a beaten egg + sprinkle with sugar.

These only need to be baked for 15 minutes, the smell will be glorious so be strong and try not to eat them all the minute you take them out, I popped a few in the freezer to have on such a gloomy day as today!!!

Rebecca xx

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