Friday, October 4, 2013

L'officina @ Kildare village

This week after dropping Lottie-daisy off to Montessori I decided that I was in need of some self Indulgence. But not just anything would hit the spot, my mé féin moment had to be chocolate + of the highest quality.

So seeing as Kildare village is only minutes from our home it would be down right rude to pass it by...

Right in the corner of the "village" by the fountain homes Dunne + Crescenzi's gorgeous Italian eatery L'officina which in Italian means workshop just incase you needed to brush up on your Italian.

With their high wood clad ceilings + large chalk board menus it is quite easy to be transported to a different time + place where quality + flavor is paramount.

Iv eaten here on many occasions with family or even for a quick coffee fix with my friends + I can honestly say iv been pleased with my dish every time. So this time round it was still early in the day + with two wee children I needed a coffee fix but when I studied the morning menu there was no way I could pass up a "dense" Italian hot chocolate + even though it was €4 for a hot chocolate I said feck it go wild.

And I'm so happy I lived life on the edge that morning because what came out was what I can only describe as chocolate soup it was glorious completely over the top but that's what I needed at that point in time. I don't know why I'm evening telling you this but I might have even been spotted dipping pieces of my pain au chocolat in it...don't judge I've been eating carrot sticks ever since to try balance out this devilish delight HA


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