Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toasting marshmallows with a twist

I have such funny happy memories as child camping in my best friend Kate's kitchen in a makeshift tent made out of umbrellas, chairs + bed sheets...

Part of the camping experience would involve toasting marshmallows held by forks over a tea light. saying that we'd basically try to toast anything we got our hands on, already toasted bread along with the cooked sausages that came with them HA....

So to pass on my heart warming nostalgia to my wee ones we decided after our BBQ this evening we would toast some gigantic marshmallows over the flames + delight Lottie-daisy with the gooey rainbow sprinkled blob on a skewer...

For this messy adventure you will need:
Gigantic marshmallows{1 per person}
BBQ skewers
Rainbow sprinkles

This is a super quick process with big rewards. Firstly place your marshmallows on their skewers, next hold them over the flames + watch them scorch in a matter of moments. Keep turning the skewer every few seconds so it's sizzly all over.

What I like to do next once I'm finished toasting them is to literally pull off the scorched skin to unveil the gooey marshmallow underneath + straight away dunk it in my bowl of rainbow sprinkles...FAB

This will be a winner with adults + children after your BBQ, sit back + enjoy..

Rebecca xx

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