Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gluten free banana pancakes...

Like most people I have many guilty pleasures one of which is Pinterest, I had to take the app off my phone a few weeks ago because it was sucking up all my spare memory. I think while Cathal was away in Canada I found myself in the evenings escaping to Pinterest doing "research" of course for our new house in canada. We hadnt found our house yet but that didn't stop me fantasizing about what I could do with it.

So here I am in the land of Canada + the app has now found itself on the iPad(+ back on my phone) + i came across this fun little recipe for banana pancakes. They are ├╝ber quick + a bit of fun so i said what the heck il give them a go.....

What you will need for this recipe:
1 Banana
2 Eggs

Firstly smash your banana up into a smushy paste, I used my baby food smasher because its teeny tiny + does what it says on the tin.

Next crack in both your eggs + combine well until you can't decipher between egg + banana...

Then your ready, heat your pan add a wee splash of oil + pour out your banana batter. This batter makes approx 5 small pancakes perfect for 1 portion... Give them a try they take on a lovely carmel sweet flavour from the bananas but are equally as light from the whipped eggs..

Enjoy XX

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  1. looks yummy and easy to make...I'll try this one :)


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