Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin pie pops

We are so lucky where we live when Autumn arrives as our little village transforms into an autumnal colour palate. Monasterevin is an old village so a lot of the roads and properties on them are home to the mighty oak trees and the ever changing beech trees. 
The road that leads to Lotties school is adorned with orange and red leaves it's a pretty cool sight.

So another orange thing I love about Autumn is the almighty pumpkin I just love them so much I get excited when I see them in the shop. I really love the little gnarly gourds you can pick up for decoration I may or may not have them around the house.

This year my pumpkin blog is a funny twist on the pumpkin pie which I've blogged about before.
When you add a lolly pop stick to any food your on to a winner especially when kids are involved.

For this recipe you will need:
Home made or shop bought short crust pastry & or puff pastry
Pumpkin purée
Lolly pop sticks
1 egg whisked

Begin by pre heating your oven at 180'c 

Next roll out your pastry and with your desired cookie cutters cut out an even number and place on a baking tray pre lined with baking parchment. I chose to use a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Take a teaspoon of your pumpkin purée and place in the middle of the heart, dip your lolly pop stick into your whisked egg and press it at the bottom of the pie.

Next place the second heart on top of the first heart and crimp with a fork, lastly brush with the egg wash over the pie.

I baked the pie pops for approx 25mins or until golden brown.

I got very creative whilst making these pie pops and took more tasty condiments from the fridge.
I used home made rhubarb jam, plum jam, peanut butter and raspberry jam, dark chocolate. The flavour choices can be endless.

I hope you enjoyed these tasty treats and give them a try yourself

Rebecca x

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