Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Sunday treat on a Wednesday!!!!

When a Wednesday doesn't give you enough hours in the day to even think about food & your fridge only seems to be housing a dodgy piece of cheese. The only respectable thing to do is make pancakes & not the naughty kind but the ├╝ber healthy ones on last months blog "a sweet treat on a Sunday".

They are made using eggs & bananas along with a few other little gems. I usually have these with Greek yogurt and fruit but when I reached for the yogurt this evening I was all out. What to do what do then I remembered the pot of almond butter I had stashed behind the coffee.

While your banana pancake is cooking away on the pan take 1/2 a cup of frozen or fresh raspberries & bring them to the boil in a small pot with a tiny splash of water along with a teaspoon of honey. Stir continuously until the raspberries have broken down into a warm oozy compote.

Once the banana pancake is made slide it onto your plate &spread a few dollops of the almond butter over 1/4 of the pancake then spoon your raspberries over the pancake making sure you don't saturate it with the juices.

Roll up the pancake like a cigar then cut into seven even pieces & stand them up so you can see the swirly bits. Lastly pour the raspberry sauce in amongst the pancakes & sprinkle some flaked almonds around the boarder to add a touch of crunch to the equation...

This is a really fun dish to make that only takes a few minutes to conjure up...

Rebecca x

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