Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A speedy gluten free berry crumble

Two weeks ago I found myself in a dilly of a pickle {ha} I was popping into see the girls Nanny Jo and grandad but I had nothing sweet to bring with me. I like to bring in baked goodies from time to time, gotta keep them sweet...

Luckily for me I hord sweet ingredients in my freezer like berries, sometimes if I see a great offer on blueberries or blackberries in the shop il buy them and pop them in the freezer for such an occasion.

For this recipe you will need.

100g Ground almond
100g Ground oats
100g Butter
100g Light brown sugar 

1 cup Blueberries 
1 cup Blackberries
1 cup Raspberries
1 grated apple

First pre heat your oven to 220'c. Next in a large bowl add your ground almond and oats, sugar then lastly your cold butter. 

With your fingers rub the butter into the dry ingredients, this will take a few minutes.

Once your crumble topping is ready put all your berries and grated apple into your oven proof dish I used an enamel dish but something like a pirex dish is perfect.

The crumble topping will have the consistsancy of a paste so dollop on the crumble with with your fingers or a spoon. 

I topped mine off with some flaked almonds and hazelnuts.

Bake your  berry crumble for 20 minutes at this point the topping should be a golden colour and the juice from the berries should be bubbling through it..

We gobbled this down with a generous dollop of custard...deelish 

Rebecca x

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