Sunday, December 29, 2013

Buttermilk chocolate chip waffles

Anyone that has been to America or Canada over the years will have experienced "the diner". With their gigantic laminated menus, and everything on the menu comes with a side of bacon or can whipped cream.

For me it's always a toss up between the all American pancake or the whopper sized waffles {topped with freakily glazed strawberries and cream}. My obsession with waffles started way back when I watched this movie called Don't tell mom the babysitters dead {I love odd movies}.

So iv been on the hunt for a waffle iron for the past year and to my surprise I couldn't find one..and then two months ago lidl had them for sale JACKPOT..

For this recipe you will need:
A waffle iron lol
1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of buttermilk
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda 
1 free range egg
1/4 cup of plain choc chips
1 teaspoon of vanilla paste

In your bowl beat your egg and pour in the buttermilk and vanilla paste. Next sift in the four and bicarbonate soda. Once your batter is smooth and frothy.

Slowly ladle in a small amount of the batter into each waffle section and close the iron down. When its ready the light will go off on your iron, I was able to get six waffles from this mixture which is amazing and extremely cost effective!!!

I dusted these bad boys with some icing sugar...DELISH...

Rebecca x

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