Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My gluten free rock salt and olive oil bread

So there i was knee deep in cupcakes last Friday and a selection of them were gluten free, and just incase I wasn't going to be under pressure with making 50 cupcakes for a baby shower I had this notion that id give making gluten free bread a go, had never made it before but I had seemed to be on this gluten free buzz for the past few weeks as I had made gluten free meat loaf the week before for my other blog "2 girls with a blog".

So as I'm whisking my cupcake batter( and must mention my beloved machine stops twirling, so I've to hand twirl my bowl on the machine as the whisks go 90)and all the while in my head I'm conjuring up flavor friends, and I look up for a moment and there in front of me is a bottle of extra virgin olive oil....boom goes my brain why not use olive oil and rock salt that's a guaranteed marriage of flavours.

For this recipe you will need:
390ml skimmed milk
420g gluten free flour
150 ml extra virgin olive oil
1teaspoon of rock salt

Firstly in a bowl add your flour and whisk gently to remove all the lumpy bumps, next pour in your skimmed milk and 90 Mls of your oil and combine well this will take a few moments to combine evenly.

Coat your 2 lb loaf tin liberally with some of the left over olive oil not to use it all as the remainder is for drizzling over the top.

Pour in your bread mixture note that this mixture is an extremely wet consistency but the outcome will be a very light airy loaf.

Drizzle the last of the olive oil over the batter before sprinkling with your rock salt. Pop it in the oven @160' for 45 minutes. It will rise super quick and a fab golden color will appear sooner than you think don't panic it's all part of the process.

For me this bread was YUM the crunchy rock salt on top and the unique tang of the olive oil was just so more'ish, so more'ish infant that I nearly ate the whole bloody thing haha...


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